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Seymour Girls Softball (1949)

Seymour Girls Softball (1949) 1949 Seymour Cardinals - Seated L to R: Caroline Klitzke, Lorraine Schroeder, Gladys Wagner, Bernice Leisgang, Helen Coonen, and Rita Merkel. Standing L to R: Tony Lubinski Janet Tubbs, Janice Tubbs, D. Kurowski, Helen Leisgang, J. Klitzke, Shirley Wagner. - Tri-County Girls Softball Champs

In 1949, Seymour had the top girls softball team in the area. The Seymour Cardinals won 17 and lost 3 playing against teams from DePere, Bellevue, Krakow, Denmark, Nichols, Pulaski, Marinette, Denmark, Isaar, and other area towns. The picture identifies the team members ranging from the Tubbs twins, who were in the eighth grade to players in their 20’s. Tony Lubinski was the coach. The team played at Keune’s Field in eastern Seymour. The following article from the Times-Press describers a benefit game the girls played against local businessmen dressed as women. It was a different era, but they knew how to have fun!

Over 1000 People See Girls Softball Game Here Sunday
Doc Finkle and His Band Furnish Music

A jam packed crowd of over 1,000 people moved in on Keune’s field Sunday evening when the Seymour Cardinals all girl softball team lead by Tony Lubinski played a benefit game against a group of local fellows who dressed up as girls and played under the name of the Seymour Cuties. The cuties, led by our versatile alderman and grocer, Elmer Krahn, paraded on to the field behind Doc Finkle and his Melodiers who always seem to turn up when needed. After circling the field a few times Doc and his band remained in the background furnishing music between the innings.

The first batter for the cuties was the hard pile driving clutch hitter and outstanding pitcher, Dod (Dizzy) Guynon, known Sunday evening as Gertrude. Well just about the time Dud (I mean Dizzy-no Gertrude), was about to bat the Maass Motors wrecker was backed onto the field carrying a big bat with a hole in the middle of it for the batter to use. In an effort to cross up the opposition, the squeeze play was used, and the only one that got squeezed was Gertrude herself.

Two ton (Lizzy), Elmer Krahn did the catching, Doc (Aunt Mathilida) Metcalf played first, Mack (The Hula Hula Honey) Miller played second. Earl (Big Hips) Fenn played shortstop, Keith (Spindle Legs) Van Vuren played third. In the outfield there was John (Gravel Gertie) Tubbs, Bede (Agatha) Keune, Amos (Aunt Mathilda’s sister Hazel) Vierbricher, and Tony (Legs) Van Boxtel.

The two teams battled it out nail and tooth with Tony and his girls finally winning 5 to 4. The play of the Tubbs twins, Janice and Janet and Caroline Klitzke was outstanding for the Cardinals. Bingo (Ma Yokum) Larkins and Charles (Casanova) Kimball were the umpires.

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