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LEVELS OF GIVING AND LIST OF DONORSLevels of Giving and Recognition - Mike Keyzers Accepts a Donation from Baylake Bank

Donate $100,000 or more to become a Major Donor and earn naming rights to a large room.

Donate $50,000 - $99,999 to join the Governor’s Club and naming rights to an office or small room.

Donate $25,000 - $49,999 to join the Senator’s Club and naming rights to a large display area or an introductory video.

Donate $10,000 - $24,999 to become a Trailblazer and sponsor a smaller display or larger exhibit.

Donate $5,000 - $9,999 to become an Explorer and sponsor a large picture or smaller exhibit.

Donate $2,500 - $4,999 to become a Pioneer and sponsor a smaller picture or display case.

Donate $1,000 - $2,499 to become a Settler and your name listed in bold print on the plaque in the vestibule.

Donate $500.00 - $999 to become a Scout and your name listed on the plaque in the vestibule.

Donate $100.00 - $499 and you will be listed under Additional Donors on the plaque.

As of September 25, 2010, the following donations have been made to the building fund. Please note that society membership fees and donations toward special projects such as the memory forest, memorial fountain, music, and bake sale do not count as donations to the building fund. If you have a question about the amount credited to you, please contact either Bill Collar or Marge Coonen.

Major Donor ($100,000+)
Harold and Agnes Krahn Estate, John and Mary Green Estate, Carl and Mary Ellen Kuehne

Governor’s Club ($50,000 to $99.999)
Your name can be listed here.

Senator’s Club ($25,000 to $49,999)
Home of the Hamburger

Trailblazer ($10,000 to $24,999)
Seymour Flying Club

Explorer ($5,000 to $9,999)
Muehl-Boettcher Funeral Home, Roy Puls, Jon and Becky Stellmacher, Seymour Lions Club, Seymour Firefighters Volunteer Strife Company #1, Frank Schnabl, Al and Caroline Storma, Thrivent Financial, Bill and Holly Collar

Pioneer ($2,500 to $4,999)
Don and Dorothy Reed, Richard and Ann Piehl, Dr. Don and Gail Hoff, Seymour Chamber of Commerce, Harold and Dolores Pingel, Seymour Women’s Club, Nichols Paper Products

Settler ($1,000 to $2,499)
Baylake Bank, Bob and Marge Coonen, Mrs. Earl Court, John and Adrienne Cumicek, Tom and Ann Duffey, Dr. Richard and Karen Gosse, Seymour FFA Alumni, Doloris Kuehne, Seymour Health Mart Pharmacy, Huettl Transfer, Joseph Kline, Vernon and Evelyn Lubinski, Adela Melchert Estate, Ralph Melchert, June K. Raether, Jean Rohloff, Harold and Thelma Tech

Scout ($500.00 to $999.99)
Advertiser Community News, Arlyn and Julie Bush, Leland and Betty Blom, Eric and Trisha De Bruin, Jim and Sue Carlson, Lois Dalke, Seymour HS Class of 1954, Clayton and Audrey Ebert, Duane Ebert, Frances Ginocchio, Mary Gosse, Paul and Deanna Grimm, Mike Huettl, Ralph and Mary Huth, Isaar Trailriders, Orletta Kailhofer, Tom and Kathy Kelley, Mike and Sue Keyzers, Kailhofer Greenhouse and Nursery, Joan Kimball, Ralph and Arlene Kneisler, Lakeside Foods, T. J. Landwehr, M & I Bank, Gary and Mary Lou Melchert, Ken and Judy Rottier, Pudge and Cassie Schuh and Family, Seymour Basketball Association, Janet Sigl, Vanden Heuvel Partnership, Gerald Thomas, Truyman-Haase Insurance, Ron and Colleen Weyers, Dr. Dan and Pam Zak

Additional Donors ($100.00 to $499.00)
Chase Bank, John Banker, George and Audrey Behrendt, Tom and Shirley Burke, Jim and Nancy Campbell, The Chantelles, Orvell and Rosemarye De Bruin, Steve and Darla Dorosz, John Dyer, Kathleen and Dean Farr, First National Bank, Susan Framton, Ken and Monica Golomski, Karen J. Hallada, Giz and Linda Herbst, Walt Hess, Charles Jenkins, J J’s Auto Clinic, Fr. Bob Kabat, James and Carol Kenton, Shirley Kielar, Lloyd and Esther Kraft, Lamont and Sandy Kraft, Pat and Mary Klass, Otto Krueger, Cathy and Pat Krull, Charles Lehrhaupt and Frances C. Eisenstein, Ollie and Adeline Lerum, Eric and Sue Ludvigson, Warren and Gloria Maass, Scott Marcks Trucking, Sharon and Ron Nachtwey, Nichols Volunteer Firefighters, Orion Labels, Elizabeth Bassett-Piehl, Janice Piper, George Piper, Bernice Riehl, Marilyn Seidl, Judy Severson, Winton Severson, Willard and Susan Shuler, Lavonne Jean Vietch, John Wurtzel, Bill Zahn

Fifty-six people have donated between $5.00 and $77.00. We thank you for your contribution. Because of space and cost, it is not practical to list everyone.

Reminder: Marge Coonen, our treasurer, keeps thorough records. If you have a question about your donation please contact Marge or Bill Collar.

In-Kind Donations

If you have a skill such as cabinet making, model building, sign painting, etc. and would like to donate your service to the new building project please contact Bill Collar. The value of your work will be determined and recognized as a donation to the museum.

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