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    RETURN TO VIETNAM - AN OLD GLORY HONOR FLIGHTReturn to Vietnam Documentary
    An Old Glory Honor Flight

    Vietnam veteran Jim Van Den Heuvel of Seymour contacted the historical society and donated an impressive book and video detailing the 2019 return to Vietnam by 52 veterans from Northeastern Wisconsin. After reading the book and viewing the video, SCHS Board members decided it should be viewed by a larger audience. The program was presented Thursday evening, August 25. Jim Van Den Heuvel and John Minlschmidt of Black Creek, who also participated in the honor flight, were present to provide an introduction and answer questions. Popcorn and refreshments were provided by the Seymour Community Historical Society and the American Legion Auxiliary. Numerous veterans and other interested parties attended. It was an insightful, emotional and educational experience.

    Jim and John's comments in the "Return to Nam" thank you book sum up their experiences and the messages presented at the museum program.

    Jim Van Den Heuvel: "It was an awesome experience except for the plane ride that was just too long. The thing about the whole trip was sharing it with 51 other veterans. There was a lot of tears but also a lot of laughing. I have never been with a group of more honorable and caring men helping each other out whenever needed. We enjoyed each other's company and shared an experience that will live with us forever. We have become a band of brothers forever."

    John Minlschmidt: "Thank you to all the people who had anything to do with the 'Return to Nam Honor Flight' and all the donors who made this an absolutely amazing experience, and one that will be with me forever. I can't begin to thank everyone enough for this great experience. We certainly met some wonderful people and established friendships that will last a long time. Thanks to all involved. It was great."

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