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    Early Baseball at Isaar

    Early Baseball at IsaarBy Duane Ebert

    About 1918-1920 baseball teams at Isaar were organized in a rather loose fashion. My father, Walter Ebert and Uncle, Frank Ebert both played. Dad, Walter, was the right-handed pitcher and Uncle Frank, whose nickname at the time was “Dumplings”, was the left-handed pitcher. Dad would have been 16-18 years old and Frank 18-20. In later years, after my father married in 1925, he often returned to Isaar for visits with the family. On these occasions, Dad pitched for whatever Isaar team was playing. A more organized team at Laney, WI, wanted Dad to pitch for them, but his work as a cheese maker took him to Oconto County. Dad, had a uniform, probably second hand. Across the front in big red letters, sewn on the uniform was ISAAR. Some years ago, I donated the faded and patched uniform to the Seymour Community Historical Society.

    Other Isaar boys who played on the team were: Albert Schmidt, my mother’s uncle who played second base, Phillip Schwab, Mom’s brother Mike Kranzusch, and Amos Wilson, catcher. The names of other players are lost in history.

    The baseball games were played in Charles Ebert’s field across the road from St. Sebastian Church.

    Some of the teams Isaar played came from the small hamlets of Briarton, Rose Lawn, Nichols and Laney. The manager of the Rose Lawn team was Nick Gerchack (sic).

    In later years, other more structured baseball games were played at Isaar. At this time, other men who played included the Krahn boys, who were outstanding players. The above information is from a life-long Isaar resident, Bernard Schmit, my mother’s cousin, and from Ebert family reminisces.

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