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THE CROW'S NEST- 1926 The Crow's Nest

Henry J. Van Vuren started the Seymour Press in 1886. Forty-three years later, in 1929, he turned it over to his son, Clyde. H.J. continued to write his weekly column, "The Crow's Nest", until his death in 1939. The popular column was his reflection on the social and political issues of the times. Often humorous and at times acerbic, everything and everyone at one time or another was subject to his scrutiny. In 1927, during the height of Prohibition, people in the United States were intoxicated with having a good time. The stock market was booming, Lindbergh flew to Paris, Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs and flappers were challenging social standards. By examining H.J. Van Vuren's columns we see that life in Seymour reflected national trends. The following observations are from 1927.

• There is a lot of difference in an old auto and an old man. The auto gets loose in the joints by age, while the man’s joints get tighter.

• A Seymour flapper says it took her several sittings before she knew how to skate.
• A Seymour man went to a doctor to see about his lame leg was told that it was old age that caused the pain. “Well” said the patient. “My other leg is just as old as the lame one.”

• The Radio Board is to banish about one-half of the broad casting stations. Let’s hope they kill at least that number. As it is now the stations are so numerous it is almost impossible to tune in without getting two or more at the same time.

• It’s not fair to store away money as long as you have creditors. Pay your bills. Those whom you owe money most likely need it.

• “Prohibition not a political issue” reads a lead lie. It is like saying “free coinage of silver” is not an issue.

• A Wisconsin professor says “Success is not due to brains, but to luck". Whichever it is, give us the luck.

• The secretary of agriculture says that it takes, $30,000,000 annually to replace the broken milk bottles.

• A New York woman says “smoke, drink, but do it moderately”. This woman don’t know or she don’t think. All heavy drinkers and smokers were moderate indulgers once. The habit grows and the only way to do is not to start a habit.

• Bandits reported to be getting some big hauls, but the best one will come when they are hauled in some city’s patrol wagon to the nearest jail.

• The question is asked, as to how long a person can live without food? The kids of Seymour on returning from school, will say that they can’t live until supper time unless they get some at once.

• A Bald-headed Seymour man says he heard that the short skirts were going to disappear, and that is just what he feared.

• A farmer once asked the editor of a country paper for advice as follows: I have this horse that at times appears normal, but at other times is lame to an alarming degree. What shall I do? The replay came. “The next time that your horse appears normal, sell him.”

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