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1926 SPORTS - BASKETBALL City Team Defeats Twelve Corners Team
(Seymour Press Dec. 23, 1926)
Basketball was a popular sport in Seymour during the 1920s. The Seymour Creamery sponsored a city team and the high school was known to have very competitive squads. Both teams played in the Seymour Auditorium, a multi-purpose facility located at the intersection of Robbins and Main Streets. For games, the theater seats were removed and put in storage until the next event in the auditorium.

The local Creamery basketball team out-classed and out pointed the visitors from Twelve Corners last Friday Night December 17 at the city auditorium to a score of 28 to 22 in favor of Seymour in a fast and clean game of basketball. With the addition of several more players to the local squad, the boys were able to offer a defense to cope with as well as being able to cage the requisite number of baskets. At the end of the third quarter the score was tied 20 to 20 and the balance of the game showed a steady gain on the part of the home boys.

The attendance was anything but encouraging for both the boys and their manager. It is certainly to the advantage of every citizen to show active interest in all sports of this caliber. A town is always judged by people that might be interested in coming here by the amount of enthusiasm shown in this regard as to its possibilities, in other respects avoiding funeral expenses. Turn out and attend the basketball games you’ll enjoy them and also help the cause along.

Seymour High Again Defeats Pulaski Team
In the roughest and hardest fought game of the season the Seymour High Basketball Team defeated the strong Pulaski High Team at Pulaski in a five-minute overtime period 16 to 18, making Seymour’s fifth straight victory. In the first quarter the two teams played on even terms with the score being 4 to 3 at the end of the quarter in favor of Pulaski. In the next quarter Pulaski came back strong and led at the end of the half 12 to 3. In the last half the Seymour boys went into the game with the idea of winning, and fought as hard as they could. The game ended in a 16 to 16 to tie which required a five minute overtime period in which the Seymour team made one basket, thus winning the game 16 to 18. Pulaski has a very strong team this year, and it is sure a credit to Seymour to have two victories over them.

After winning five consecutive victories, Seymour High School met defeat at the hands of East Green Bay Tuesday evening. The game was very fast from the first whistle to the last. In the first half the Seymour boys could not find the basket, and as a result Green Bay was leading 7 to 0. In the last half Seymour staged a comeback, and at one time was only a couple of points behind their opponents. The game ended 14 to 8 in favor of East Green Bay. The Bear Creek game, which was to be played December 22 has been postponed to some later date.

Overall, it was a successful year for the Seymour cagers winning eight and losing six. The team was expected to do better but "scholastic troubles and injuries prevented us from having a championship team. At Hortonville the team was handicapped somewhat due to a slippery dance floor."
Big wins over Kimberly (54 - 4) and Bear Creek (40 - 6) showed the potential of the team.

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